The eSync Alliance at ELIV 2019

The eSync Alliance will debut its participation in the international ELIV Congress (Electronics in Vehicles) in Bonn, Germany, October 16 and 17, 2019.

The eSync Alliance will showcase a working demonstration of live OTA updates to diverse automotive devices operating under Autosar CP, Linux and Android operating systems, as well as QNX OS in a Virtual Machine on the Android device, linked through CAN and Ethernet networks. 

Six member companies have contributed to the development of this demonstration under the auspices of the eSync Alliance Technical Working Group headed by Mr. Steffen Herz of Hella. Contributing companies include: Alpine (Head Unit and Instrument display), Excelfore (Cloud Server and eSync Client software), Hella (Body Control Module), Mobica (engineering services), Molex (Telematics Gateway), and ZF (Airbag Control Unit).   

The eSync Alliance publishes specifications to all member companies for a standard OTA and data gathering pipeline.  All companies in the automotive ecosystem are invited to join the Alliance.  A synopsis of the eSync specifications are available for download here, along with information on the Alliance and membership.  

Five member companies of the eSync Alliance have co-authored a paper which will be presented in the ELIV sessions, titled: "Building a Standardized Data Pipeline from the Cloud to All In-Vehicle ECUs and Sensors."  This paper expresses both the needs and the mechanisms for the automotive industry to standardize the data pipeline to reach all electronic devices of the in-vehicle network, scaling to any number of diverse devices in the vehicle while seamlessly crossing the boundaries of different network protocols and device operating systems. 

What:         A working demonstration platform created by six eSync Alliance member companies will showcase real-time over-the-air updating of multiple automotive electronic devices.

When:        October 16, from 7:00am to 7:00pm;  and October 17, from 7:00am to 4:15pm:
Live demonstrations will be conducted throughout the ELIV exhibit hours

Where:       The World Conference Center, Bonn, Germany
eSync Alliance Booth #39

We invite you to visit our booth at the VDI Wissenforum ELIV Congress, and to join the eSync Alliance.