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Using eSync to Gather Data from Devices Running ROS2

Authors : Aurelien Hars, Paul Martindale, Aptiv; John Crosbie, Madhav Gudimetla, Mark Singer, Shrikant Acharya, Excelfore; Seema Saini, R Systems; Eric Scott, Molex 


eSync Compliance with ISO 26262

Authors :Aurelien Hars, Paul Martindale, Aptiv;  Madhav Gudimetla, Mark Singer Excelfore;Seema Saini, R Systems; Frank Lesbroussart, ZF; Eric Scott, Molex; Sujeet Gaikwad, Steffen Herz, Forvia


Updating Containers using eSync

Authors :Craig Conklin, Alps Alpine: Aurelien Hars, Aptiv;  Madhav Gudimetla, John Crosbie, Mark Singer Excelfore;Stergios Zisakis, JoyNext; Eric Scott, Molex


Updating AUTOSAR Adaptive ECUs using eSync

Authors :eSync Alliance TWG


Updating AUTOSAR Classic ECUs using eSync

Authors : eSync Alliance TWG


Building a Scalable Standardized Pipeline for Automotive OTA on AWS

Authors :Shrikant Acharya, Excelfore; Luke Harvey, AWS


Excelfore & Red Hat Standardize Automotive OTA Updates

Authors : Excelfore; Red Hat, eSync Alliance


Configuring eSync for Popular In-vehicle Architectures

Authors :Madhav Gudimetla, Excelfore; Craig Conklin, Alps Alpine
Aurelien Hars, Aptiv; Eric Scott, Molex


Building a Standardized Data Pipeline from the Cloud to All In-Vehicle ECUs and Sensors

Authors : S. Acharya, Excelfore; M. Gardner, Molex;

S. Herz, Hella GmbH; C. Hosner, Alpine Electronics;

F. Lesbroussart, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

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Using eSync to Gather Data from Devices Running ROS2