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eSync Alliance Unveils Dynamic OTA Demo at AutoTech: Detroit Debut

eSync Alliance Unveils Dynamic OTA Demo at AutoTech: Detroit Debut

eSync Alliance joins in debut of dynamic OTA demonstrator at AutoTech: Detroit

Earlier this year, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we demonstrated how eSync can be used to deploy over-the-air (OTA) updates on containerized software. The demonstration, in collaboration with the Autoware Foundation and SOAFEE, clearly showed how OTA can supercharge the rate of development for autonomous driving software in both virtual vehicles and a lab environment.

Last week, at AutoTech: Detroit, we took our joint demonstration to its next phase. For the first time ever, we showed eSync facilitating OTA updates to containerized software on a real, working autonomous vehicle. The PIXKit vehicle from Pix Moving performed public displays of driving demonstrations over a course at the AutoTech event parking lot. Initially, the vehicle autonomously drove a road course, stopping safely but being unable to proceed when blocked by an obstacle in its lane. After an OTA installation of a container with an updated planning module, the vehicle then proceeded to drive the course a second time, successfully navigating around the obstacle and completing the course.

This demonstration is the clearest example yet of how standardized, reliable automotive OTA can be used to accelerate the development of autonomous and software-defined vehicles. The result of a partnership between the eSync Alliance, the Autoware Foundation and SOAFEE, it is also testament to the power of collaboration in the development of automotive OTA, and shows the ability of eSync’s platform to enable collaboration.

Talking about the demonstration, Mike Gardner, Executive Director of the eSync Alliance, said: “Our activity at AutoTech: Detroit is a clear and natural next step to showcase the advantages of the eSync platform and its capacity to drive change in the automotive sector as a whole. Not only does this demonstration bring the capabilities of eSync into sharp focus, it also proves the point that collaboration in this space leads to exciting results.”


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