Tesla Proves the Value of OTA for Every ECU

Tesla has announced a recall of nearly 1.1 million vehicles in their Model 3, Model S, Model Y and Model X series. The recall is to address an issue with the power window anti-pinch mechanism. To Tesla's credit, this shortcoming was discovered through internal testing, rather than on reported incidents or injuries. Tesla has discovered it, disclosed it, and resolved to fix it.

Read more about it at the NHTSA here: LINK

The solution is upgrading the software for the controller that manages the window mechanism. New vehicles will receive the upgraded software in production. Existing vehicles in the field will be updated over-the-air.

Did you note that last part? This “recall” is not actually recalling the vehicles at all. Rather, it is just an announcement of an OTA solution to a shortcoming in a power window control device.

Any other US automaker would likely face a cost of more than a quarter-Billion dollars to implement a recall to upgrade software in the window control devices in 1.1 million vehicles across 4 different models.

If you think that OTA is an issue for headunits and infotainment systems, or is an issue only for the biggest, most complex devices in a vehicle – here is a quarter-Billion dollars’ worth of tuition that you do not need to pay. With this simple reading you can get educated on the real issue: OTA should reach EVERY programmable device in your vehicle!

That is, OTA should reach every device in your current vehicle. In your vehicle program that is now nearing completion. Not in some far-off in the future vehicle. You can do it now. On THIS program.

We can show you how.