Membership Meeting

Notice of Membership Meeting


What:   All Member Meeting

When:  7 February 2019

Where: Hella GmbH & Co., Rixbecker Str 75, Lippstadt, Germany

The management and Board of the eSync Alliance invite all member companies to attend and participate in a meeting of the membership, to take place at the offices of Hella GmbH in Lippstadt, Germany.  The Board of Directors will meet on 6 February.  On 7 February there will be morning meetings of the active Working Groups, followed by an afternoon meeting of the general membership.

Agenda Topics for the 7 February meetings:

09:00h to 12:00h:

  • Marketing Working Group working session
  • Technical Working Group working session

13:00h to 16:30h

  • All Member Meeting: Review of TWG pre-release eSync Compliance Specifications, Review of 2019 MWG Plan and Calendar of Events

Call for Working Group Participation:

All member companies are welcome to participate in the Working Groups of the eSync Alliance.  Individuals who are employees or affiliates of member companies may join any active Working Group to participate in and support the work of that Group.  Currently active Groups are the Marketing and Technical Working Group.  For details:

       (Marketing Working Group)

       (Technical Working Group)

Registration for All Member Meeting:

Employees or affiliates of member companies who wish to attend the All Member Meeting are requested to send their registration information to: