JOYNEXT Joins the eSync™ Alliance

- Tier 1 supplier for automotive industry participates in defining future OTA standard - Achieving superior technical solutions through industry cooperation

JOYNEXT Joins the eSync™ Alliance

- Tier 1 supplier for automotive industry participates in defining future OTA standard - Achieving superior technical solutions through industry cooperation


– Tier 1 supplier for automotive industry participates in defining future OTA standard

– Achieving superior technical solutions through industry cooperation

Dresden/Silicon Valley, CA., September 29, 2020 – The eSync Alliance and JOYNEXT announce that JOYNEXT, a Joyson Electronics company, has joined the Alliance. The eSync Alliance is a multi-company initiative to standardize end-to-end over-the-air (OTA) updating and data gathering. By working together in the Alliance, members benefit from a simplified development environment enabled by standardized features and APIs.

The Alliance is based around eSync, a platform of server and embedded software, which provides a secure bi-directional data pipeline between the cloud and any number of electronic end devices in vehicles. eSync can deliver and update software and firmware over-the-air and collect real-time operational data from in-car devices. JOYNEXT is already deploying eSync with a major automaker.

“JOYNEXT is a leading provider of solutions for connected vehicles. We welcome their expertise and commitment to drive the development of a common platform for OTA technology and its broad adoption throughout the automotive sector,” said Mike Gardner, Executive Director at the eSync Alliance.

“Membership in the eSync Alliance is very important for us,” said Manuela-Bianca Steinhübel, Corporate CTO at JOYNEXT. “We know the requirements of our market and want to contribute to finding better solutions for technical problems. It is strategic for us to participate in the development of the OTA standard and for that reason we decided to become a promoter member.”

OTA gaining momentum in automotive
The ability to update software and firmware over-the-air and collect diagnostic and telematics data from devices in the vehicle is increasingly more important for automobile manufacturers. Vehicle technology is advancing rapidly, with more software-driven control units.

In order to update software, most vehicles today have to be brought to auto repair shops. Software updates via OTA are much more efficient, reducing costs and time. JOYNEXT plans to further expand OTA services for its customers. Until now, each auto maker has had to develop its own OTA backend, a complicated, expensive and time-consuming process. In the future, JOYNEXT will also offer the complete OTA solution with a server in the cloud and product for the car.

“We have supplemented a pure Linux-based infotainment system with an Android plug-in box that can be updated via OTA. To position JOYNEXT globally as experts for OTA solutions, connectivity boxes for 5G-V2X are the next step,“ said Manuela-Bianca Steinhübel.

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About the eSync™ Alliance
The eSync™ Alliance is an industry initiative to drive a multi-company solution for over-the-air (OTA) updates and diagnostics data in the automotive electronics space, potentially saving billions of dollars per year for automakers. By working together in the Alliance, companies benefit from a simplified development environment made possible by a standardized yet customizable platform. The Alliance is based around the eSync™ platform of cloud and embedded components, providing a secure data pipeline to devices within a vehicle. Further information at

Intelligent solutions for networked vehicles – that is JOYNEXT. We are working on future technologies that are becoming increasingly important for automobile manufacturers and their customers. Because on the way to autonomous driving, vehicle data communication with mobile devices such as smartphones, with other vehicles (V2V) or with infrastructure systems (V2X) is becoming increasingly important. JOYNEXT also deals with the new and further development of cloud-based services. We always strive to strike a balance between innovation and sustainability. When developing our products, the focus is on the end user, his needs and usage.

With more than 1,200 employees worldwide, JOYNEXT takes connected cars technology to a new level. We are present at seven locations; our development and innovation centers are located in Dresden (Germany) and in Ningbo (China).

JOYNEXT is a direct supplier (Tier1) for the automotive industry and has been a development partner and system supplier of well-known automotive manufacturers for over 20 years. Our connected infotainment and smart connectivity gateway technologies can be found in well over ten million vehicles worldwide.

About Joyson Electronics
Joyson Electronics (SH600699) is committed to develop the driving experience more intelligent, more safety and more environmentally friendly in auto safety systems, intelligent auto electronics, E-Mobility, car connectivity and high-end auto components. Joyson Electronics aims to be the most accountable partner, innovator and leader for world-class automotive manufactures in automotive safety and smart driving. With more than 100 bases containing 4 main R&D Center in 30 countries, over 50,000 employees globally, it is headquartered in Ningbo, China.

eSync Alliance press contacts:
US press contact:
Cynthia Hoye, embedded PR
Cell 408-858-2602;

Europe press contact:
Anja-Maria Hastenrath, embedded PR
Phone +49 89 64913634-11;

Readers contact:
Mike Gardner, Executive Director, eSync Alliance

JOYNEXT GmbH press contact:
WeichertMehner Unternehmensberatung für Kommunikation GmbH & Co. KG
An der Dreikönigskirche 5
01097 Dresden


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