eSync Alliance – Join the movement toward whole car OTA updates and data gathering

We recently featured an article on Embedded Computing Design on the importance of working together to solve the problem of whole car updates. We are seeing an increased rise in software recalls in every part of the vehicle, this is why at the eSync Alliance we are focused on data gathering and updates for every device in the vehicle.

 There is no bias toward any one device in the vehicle – having the perfect solution for infotainment is useless if it ignores body control or drive train modules. eSync is agnostic to operating system and in-vehicle network, and scales from the smallest sensor, through resource-rich head units, to super-computer autonomous driving systems.

By working together, we can move much faster to whole car updates, and we can make all systems safer. As an alliance, we can solve the problems of complex software, before the costs of recalls halt innovation in autonomous driving.

Please read the entire article here.