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Company Overview

Headquartered in Fremont, California, Excelfore is a pioneer in the SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) space, providing secure, standards-based in-vehicle and cloud-to-vehicle connectivity solutions. The company also offers comprehensive cloud-based device management applications for Software Defined Vehicles built on the eSync architecture. Excelfore’s offerings encompass robust data management, intelligent communication systems, over-the-air updates, vehicle diagnostics, and advanced analytics, empowering automotive OEMs to deliver next-generation vehicles with enhanced performance, safety, and user experience.

eSync OTA Components Built on the eSync Alliance Standard

Excelfore’s eSync OTA platform ensures secure, streamlined updates with best-in-class security. Using a “zero trust” model, it offers mutual authentication, encryption in transit and at rest, and rigorous verification. Flexible and scalable, eSync supports diverse automotive OS and over 65 edge devices, optimizing development and lifecycle costs while meeting evolving market demands

The eSync OTA components include:

eSync Server

Manages software updates in the cloud, securely handling the scheduling, deployment, and delivery to devices in the vehicle.

eSync Client

Controls the flow of updates in the vehicle, securely connecting to the eSync Server and sending verified updates to the eSync Agents.

eSync Agent

Installs software updates on vehicle devices and collects data, sharing this information with connected services

eSync Services

Data Management
Remote Diagnostics

Key Features

Use Cases

Software Updates

Facilitates over-the-air updates for vehicle software, ensuring that vehicles stay up-to-date with the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches without requiring physical visits to service centers.

Firmware Updates

Allows for remote updates of firmware across Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and other critical vehicle components, improving performance, efficiency, and functionality.

Parameter Updates

Enables remote configuration and adjustment of vehicle parameters, such as engine settings, infotainment preferences, and sensor calibrations, tailored to specific user needs or operational requirements.

Diagnostic Data Collection

Supports real-time monitoring and collection of diagnostic data from vehicles, aiding in proactive maintenance, troubleshooting, and performance optimization.

Security Patching

Ensures timely deployment of security patches and updates to protect vehicles against emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities, maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture.

Compliance Updates

Helps OEMs stay compliant with regulatory requirements by facilitating updates to meet evolving standards and regulations.

Feature Enhancements

Allows for the addition of new features and capabilities to vehicles post-production, enhancing user experience and vehicle functionality over time.

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