FAQ - eSync Alliance Organisation

What is the mission of the eSync Alliance?

The eSync Alliance was formed to develop, publish, promote and expand a multi-vendor standard for secure OTA updating and diagnostic data gathering that spans all popular operating systems, semiconductor platforms, networks and busses found in connected vehicles.  The eSync Alliance is a global network of cooperating OEMs, Tier 1s, software and hardware vendors, and cloud service providers.

How does the eSync Alliance work?

The eSync Alliance is made up of three key components.  Alliance membership, Compliance Program, and Certification.  There is an active Board of Directors directing the work groups currently composed of a Marketing Work Group (MWG) that is focused on industry awareness and a Technical Work Group (TWG) focused on advancing the standards and compliance work.  All participants in the automotive ecosystem are invited to join and contribute.  There are three levels of membership with associated rights within the activities of the Alliance.

How can I join? What is the best membership level for me or my company?

eSync Alliance membership is open to all participants in the automotive ecosystem who wish to participate in the advancement of the eSync Platform. Membership in the eSync Alliance gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other members.  The process begins with the simple first step of reviewing our levels of membership.  

Whether you seek visibility in a leadership position in the industry, or you wish to offer your contribution towards making the technology stronger and more broadly applicable, or you simply seek access to the specifications to explore the potential of adopting eSync for your next program, there is a membership level that is likely to align to your needs.  For more information please visit:  link

How do I learn more about the eSync Alliance? What are the points of contact?

You are invited to email inquiries to:  info@esyncalliance.org

Member companies can often be good points of contact.  The eSync Alliance currently has members in the following geographies :  North America (US East, Central and West) and  Western Europe.  We can connect you with a local contact should you be interested

Can anyone access the Specifications published by the eSync Alliance?

The major releases of the eSync Specifications are available to all members in good standing.  The eSync Alliance does not publish the full specifications outside of the membership. 

A synopsis of the Specifications is available for non-members to review:  link

What is the current state of the eSync Alliance Specifications?

The current release of the eSync Alliance specification is v2.0. 

Version 1.0 focused on the standardization of architecture, behavior and APIs for multi-vendor interoperability of the OTA data pipeline. 

Version 2.0 adds incremental details, including substantially expanded information on security and data gathering over the OTA data pipeline.

It should be noted that although v2.0 has only recently been released, there are already multiple deployments taking place across the industry, demonstrating that the eSync Specifications are practical, proven and ready for deployment. 

Why do we need a standard for OTA Updates?

OTA software updating is critical to the Automotive industry due to the very high content of software in modern vehicles.

The Automotive industry has been built around standards. Standards not only provide a solid framework for suppliers to build solutions that can be scaled, but they also protect the automakers by allowing suppliers to build to common interfaces, encouraging competition and protecting engineering investments.

When Automakers, component vendors and technology providers work together, the specifications for the complete system consider a broader scope of requirements and are more comprehensive than what can be created by any single solution provider. Critical concerns can be identified and resolved only once, not many times. Standardization also creates a common foundation for chosen cybersecurity practices to reach across domains to the most remote and diverse electronics devices in the connected vehicle. 

For these reasons the eSync Alliance not only promotes the concept of standardization, but also invites all participants in the Automotive Ecosystem to contribute to the standard.

Membership in the eSync Alliance is open to all companies. OEMs, Tier1s, software and hardware vendors, and cloud service providers are welcome to participate in the eSync Platform. Membership in the eSync Alliance gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other members in the eSync ecosystem.