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eSync Alliance – A Call to Collaborate

eSync Alliance – A Call to Collaborate

We are facing a real turning point in the automotive industry.


Software is taking over every part of the vehicle and software recalls are increasing dramatically. Vehicles are being connected to the Internet at a double-digit growth rate, and car hacking and security breaches are getting more not less common. The industry is rushing to implement increasing levels of ADAS and autonomous features yet there is still no industry-wide adoption of the means to diagnose and update vehicles.

There are solutions on the market for gathering diagnostic data based primarily on shop test equipment and there are single-vendor proprietary OTA solutions. At the eSync Alliance we are taking a fundamentally different approach. Founded by industry experts with decades of automotive experience, we see the insurmountable problems with separate paths for data gathering and software updates. Existing sole-sourced solutions have too narrow a scope. The eSync Alliance has launched the world’s only open industry-wide multi-company platform that is an end-to-end bi-directional data pipeline to all devices in the vehicle.

Quite frankly sole-sourced solutions are detrimental to the industry so we at the eSync Alliance are issuing a call to collaborate.

The eSync Alliance is fostering a complete ecosystem of OEMs, Tier1s, and Technology providers to cover the entire needs of the industry. There is no bias towards an OS or any one system in the vehicle – eSync is agnostic to OS and in-vehicle network and scales from the smallest sensor or body control module through infotainment to autonomous driving.

Please contact us at the eSync Alliance to learn more about our open ecosystem approach to diagnostics and OTA.


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